Toronto Fire NG911 Contract for Next Generation 911
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October 26, 2021

Netagen Awarded Toronto Fire NG9-1-1 Contract for Next Generation 911

Netagen (formerly Combat Networks) announced today, that it was awarded a Next Generation 911 (“NG9-1-1”) solutions and services contract to provide its NG9-1-1 call handling solution to the Toronto Fire Service, supporting one of the most active 9-1-1 call centers in Canada. Toronto Fire becomes the most recent Public Safety Agency to join the Netagen’ growing family of PSAP clients in Canada.

“We are very excited to be partnering with the City of Toronto and Toronto Fire who is one of the most visionary and active Public Safety agencies in Canada to support their effort in bringing next generation call handling capabilities to their communities” Christopher Emery, Netagen CEO, said.

By adding the Toronto Fire Service, Netagen now supports a true “trifecta’ in Ontario, supporting the largest police department (Ontario Provincial Police), the largest ambulance dispatcher (Ministry of Health) and the largest fire department (Toronto Fire Service).

“Netagen has an unmatched wealth of knowledge and experience that will definitely benefit Toronto Fire Services and by extension, the community we serve. We look forward to a successful partnership.”– Frank Pappone, Division Chief, Technology, Toronto Fire

The Netagen NG9-1-1 solution has been specifically created for Canadian PSAPs and will be deployed in a fully redundant design to provide >99.999% uptime and services to Toronto Fire Service’s 40 agent console positions.

The solution leverages “Best Service Routing” technology that allows Toronto Fire Service to leverage resources at either of their PSAP locations as one large pool of call takers. This feature will be particularly useful during times of higher call volumes where more flexibility is required.

Netagen’s solution and architecture has been thoroughly tested as part of the NG911 Canada carrier trials and has successfully completed more carrier tests than any other technology solution in Canada.

The CHFE solution to be deployed at TFS is based on NG911 “Open Standards” and offers the most robust and resilient telephony platform available on the market today. This architecture provides the reliability and redundancy required for a Public Safety environment. Its unique “Stateful Replication” capabilities provide 911 Agencies with the peace of mind that even in the unlikely possibility of a component failure, there will be zero impact to operators

with the capability of exceeding 99.999% of uptime and is the only solution that can meet this level of reliability when lives are at stake.

The 9-1-1 multi-media Agent Desktop Softphone components of the solution are based on NENAi3 standards and have been developed in Canada specifically for Canadian PSAPs and the Canadian ESInet services being implemented in Canada. The architecture has been designed to support future ESInet features such as RTT and video, but also has the flexibility to continue to adapt and grow as new technologies are introduced in Canada. The sites will be equipped with multimedia SIT911i3 NG9-1-1, extremely powerful next generation 911 call taking positions designed to maximize the effectiveness of call taking. The intuitive user interface allows Call Takers to quickly assess, prioritize and handle landline, wireless and VoIP calls. Call Takers can quickly create conferences, transfer calls, determine the location of callers and play back recently recorded conversations. The SIT911i3 is also engineered to be future proof so that next generation capabilities such as Real Time Text (“RTT”), or exchanging video, images and data with specially trained staff, can be supported once they become standardized and available to the Canadian public. In addition, the NG911 system is designed according to the industry and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunication (“CRTC”) Next Generation 911 directives.

“We are very excited to be partnering with the City of Toronto and Toronto Fire who is one of the most visionary and active Public Safety agencies in Canada to support their effort in bringing next generation call handling capabilities to their communities” said Christopher Emery, Chief Executive Officer of Netagen. “Toronto’s highly available deployment will provide the capabilities to align with evolving technologies supported by next generation 911 (NG9-1-1) networks, such as RTT, picture and video sharing functionality and delivering more precise caller location information to the telecommunicators and first responders.”

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