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NG911 System in Canada
NG911 Consultation

1 - Consultation

  • Discuss NG911 questions & common issues
  • Complete a “Gap Analysis”
NG911 Blueprint

2 - Blueprint

  • Provide a clear & executable NG9-1-1 migration plan
  • Provide a project timeline and budget
Next Generation NG911 Delivery

3 - Delivery

  • Execute based on a comprehensive project plan
  • React quickly to evolving standards
Complete Lifecycle Management

Fully Managed

  • Full post-launch support
  • Complete lifecycle management & system administration


By March 1, 2022, all 911 carriers must update their current networks to provide NG911 services.


Legacy 911 network will be decommissioned by March 30, 2025. PSAPs that have not made the upgrade will no longer be equipped to manage 911 calls.


It is highly recommended by the CRTC for PSAPs to deploy an NG911 solution that is fault-tolerant, geographically diverse, and provides 99.999% of uptime and network reliability.


80%+ of 911 calls come from a mobile device. Next Generation 911 in Canada modernizes 911 infrastructure to accommodate how people communicate today—largely through mobile and digital devices.

“Netagen has an unmatched wealth of knowledge and experience that will definitely benefit Toronto Fire Services and by extension, the community we serve. We look forward to a successful partnership.”

Frank Pappone, Division Chief, Technology, Toronto Fire

NG911 for Toronto Fire Services

“Citizens expect much more when calling 9-1-1 today, such as the ability to text to 9-1-1, and the move to NG9-1-1 will help get us there,”

Deputy Commissioner Rose DiMarco, Commander Ontario Provincial Police Traffic Safety and Operational Support

Next Generation 911 for Ontario Provincial Police
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