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December 25, 2023

First PSAP in Bell Canada Territory Migrates to NG9-1-1

First PSAP in Bell Canada territory migrates to NG911

Netagen Supports Toronto Fire Services in a ground-breaking achievement in seamlessly transitioning to the new Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) platform.

Toronto Fire Services is the largest fire service in Canada and the fifth largest fire service in North America, making this momentous occasion a historic milestone for Toronto Fire Services, and one for Canada and North America, as other large Public Safety agencies complete their migration to NG911 prior to the March 2025 deadline.

NG911 in Canada represents the next phase in emergency communication systems, integrating cutting-edge technologies to elevate public safety response capabilities. Toronto Fire Services’ migration underscores a commitment to harnessing innovative solutions for the community’s benefit.

Key Highlights of Toronto Fire Services NG911 Migration

1. Enhanced Emergency Response: NG9-1-1 introduces advanced features, enabling emergency responders to access more accurate information and respond effectively to incidents.

2. Collaboration with Industry Leaders: Toronto Fire Services partnered with Netagen, Komutel, Avaya and Bell Canada, showcasing best-in-class Call Handling System (CHS) technology designed for the Canadian market.

3. Leadership in Canada: Toronto Emergency Services lead the way in North America, demonstrating the feasibility and importance of adopting next generation 911 (NG911) for modernizing emergency response systems.


1. Multimedia Support: NG9-1-1 can handle various forms of communication, including text messages, images, videos, and data from connected devices.

2. IP-Based Infrastructure: Unlike traditional systems that rely on analog technology, NG9-1-1 uses internet protocol (IP) networks, allowing for more efficient and flexible data transfer.

3. Geospatial Information: Next generation 911 (NG911) enables accurate location information through GIS (Geographic Information System), improving the ability to pinpoint the caller’s location.

4. Interconnectivity: It facilitates seamless communication and information sharing between emergency services, public safety answering points (PSAPs), and other relevant entities.

5. Enhanced Call Routing: Next generation 911 (NG911) can intelligently route calls based on location, load balancing, and other factors to optimize emergency response times.


1. Improved Accuracy: Enhanced location data and multimedia capabilities provide more accurate information to emergency responders, aiding in faster and more effective responses.

2. Increased Accessibility: NG9-1-1 allows for text messages, making emergency services accessible to individuals who may have difficulty with voice calls, such as the deaf or hard of hearing.

3. Flexibility and Scalability: The IP-based infrastructure makes NG9-1-1 architecture more adaptable to evolving technologies and scalable to handle increasing call volumes and diverse forms of communication.

4. Enhanced Situational Awareness: Integration with next generation 911 GIS and multimedia data provides emergency responders with a clear understanding of the situation, improving decision-making.

5. Interagency Collaboration: NG9-1-1 fosters better collaboration among different emergency response agencies and jurisdictions, leading to more coordination and effective responses to incidents.

Overall, NG9-1-1 represents a significant advancement in emergency communication systems, leveraging modern technology to improve accuracy, accessibility, and collaboration in emergency response efforts.


“Congratulations to Toronto Fire Service! Your team’s dedication, experience and commitment to industry leadership has been a shining example to us all. Thank you for helping to pave the way for all PSAPs in Canada! I am also very proud of the Netagen team in supporting TFS to reach this milestone. Our partnership with industry leaders like TFS, Komutel and Avaya showcases Netagen’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and Canadian public safety. Bravo to all involved in this remarkable achievement!”

Challenges Faced and Successes Achieved:

Being the first in any field presents challenges, and Toronto Fire Services’ pioneering experience with NG9-1-1 was no exception. The testing phase alone took over ten months, navigating challenges such as the unique SIP header size and compatibility issues with the AMR Wide Band Codec.

As project lead for Toronto Fire Services, Tareq Cora’s approach to testing played a pivotal role in identifying and swiftly resolving issues along the chain. Toronto Fire Services’ success was made possible by designing a clear testing and monitoring environment and implementing a best-in-class change management process.

Netagen, Komutel, and Avaya, the technology partners, expresses their pride in supporting Toronto Fire Services to reach this milestone. Netagen now holds a proven recipe and template for successful onboarding, poised to accelerate the migration of more than a dozen PSAPs across Canada.

The Path Forward for Other PSAPs:

Approximately 65 weeks remain for all PSAPs in Canada to complete their migration to the Emergency Services IP Network (ESInet).

As of September 2023, only 11% of PSAPs in Ontario have started to onboarding process, emphasizing the urgency for 911 PSAPs to initiate the migration process promptly. Toronto Fire Services’ success serves as an encouraging example, demonstrating that the winning formula developed by Toronto Fire Services, Netagen, Komutel, and Avaya can be replicated across other agencies.

If you are a PSAP considering next generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) migration, contact the Netagen team to benefit from their proven expertise and ensure a successful transition.

About Netagen:

Netagen, a Canadian company specializing in cutting-edge and customized Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions for businesses, boasts over two decades of industry experience. Formerly recognized as Combat Networks, the company’s headquarters are situated in Ottawa and Stouffville, Ontario, with additional offices in Montreal, Calgary, and Surrey.

Vision & Mission: Netagen envisions a future where businesses thrive through the utilization of next generation business-tech tools. Our vision propels us to deliver innovative and tailored ICT solutions that empower our customers.

Our mission is to identify and consolidate the finest ideas from exceptional minds, crafting these insights into innovative solutions that enable our Canadian clients to compete successfully on the global stage. Netagen is committed to sourcing excellence and unifying it into the technological fabric of the business landscape.

About NG9-1-1:

NG9-1-1, or Next Generation 9-1-1, represents an advanced system for emergency communication and response. It is designed to enhance the capabilities of traditional 9-1-1 systems.

Next Generation 911 NG911

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