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Modern Networks Cost Saving

Cost Saving

Modern Network Services

Improved Services

Modern Network New Revenue Streams

Increased Revenue

Attractive Municipality


Smart City Networks

Smart City

Modern Networks Cost Saving
Modern Network Services
Modern Network New Revenue Streams
Attractive Municipality
Smart City Networks
St. Catherines Municipality
Coquitlam Municipality
City of Vaughan Municipality
Region of Waterloo Municipality
Region of Niagara Municipality

Technical Expertise

Netagen has the technical expertise and experience necessary to design, architect, implement, and manage modern network infrastructure. We help municipalities to evaluate and select the right technology solutions to meet their specific needs.

Project Management

Netagen manages the entire network modernization project, from planning and design to implementation and ongoing maintenance, ensuring that the project stays on schedule and within budget.

Vendor Management

Netagen handles the coordination and management of multiple vendors, ensuring that all components of the network modernization project are properly integrated and work together seamlessly.


Netagen can help your municipality to scale its network infrastructure as needed, which is important to support your municipality’s growth and evolving changes over time.

Supporting and Maintenance

Netagen also provides ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that the new network infrastructure continues to function properly, and to make any necessary updates and upgrades over time.

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